Course Description

This is the recording of a live workshop held in Perth, Western Australia in February 2016, courtesy of Sarah Cordiner (CEO of MainTraining) and Rhodes Business School and is based on Sarah's INTERNATIONAL NUMBER 1 BEST-SELLING BOOK: The Training Manager's Guide: Maximising Staff Training on a Minimum Budget

In this workshop you will discover 27 strategies that you can implement into any organisation, of any size and in any sector; to reduce the expense of staff training and development without compromising the quality and outcomes.

What You Will Learn

Sarah Cordiner has been an education and training professional for over a decade. She has worked as a corporate trainer, training manager, training consultant and has been the CEO of her own education and training services business in three different countries, not to mention being post-graduate qualified in the topic.

She has learned a thing or two about getting maximum employee training results in the most cost-effective manner possible WITHOUT reducing the quality of the training initiatives.

In this workshop you will learn Sarah’s top 12 strategies AND 15 best practice strategies being used by high performing organisations in Australia right now, that will help every organisational training and development professional ensure that they are facilitating excellence in professional development, whilst keeping their senior bean-counters on their side, as well.

Just 12 of the 27 strategies you will discover in this workshop:

  • Strategy 1: Add these people to your organisational guest list to enhance your staff training without increasing your spending.
  • Strategy 2: Use this strategy as a ‘done for you’ training design template for world-class training without the expense.
  • Strategy 3: This one simple strategy will add specialised expertise to your staff’s professional development, increase staff morale AND ensure that the most advanced skills remain within your organisation—without spending a single dollar.
  • Strategy 4: This strategy will eliminate ‘waste of time’ meetings and instead create valuable learning opportunities without the extra effort, organisation or expense.
  • Strategy 5: These ‘eliminate and replace’ methods will save training budget wastage.
  • Strategy 6: This strategy will ensure that you smash your training department objectives, resulting in an INCREASED budget next year.
  • Strategy 7: Get the top experts in your training room—without having to pay their travel expenses.
  • Strategy 8: Use this strategy to give your staff access to world-class training, without it taking up work hours and for less than the price of a coffee.
  • Strategy 9: Give your learners even more content and an increased learning experience whilst decreasing the expense.
  • Strategy 10: Use this strategy to release pressure on your training team, free up their time, get more results and reduce your HR spending.
  • Strategy 11: Conduct the most extreme, highly technical, high-risk training in the most expensive niches ever, without killing anyone or spending a fortune.
  • Strategy 12: Use this strategy to reduce long term expenses on staff career development.

Regardless of whether your organisation has a great budget for you to work with or a limited one, there is no doubt that the training professionals using these strategies to get more results for their department at a much lower cost are going to reap the rewards from every angle for their team, their employees, their colleagues and their senior management!

If you would like to smash your training department targets whilst pleasing the heck out of the bean-counters by learning how you can quickly and easily implement these simple, results-focused strategies, all you need to do is click, and it’s all yours.

Workshop based on Sarah's International Number 1 Best-Selling Book:


Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Introduction

    • Meet Your Trainer - Sarah Cordiner

    • Enrolment Form

  • 02

    Current Best Practices of High-Performing Organisations in Australia

    • Cost-Saving Strategies Used by High Performing Organisations 2016

  • 03

    The Top 12 Cost-Saving Staff Training Strategies

    • Strategy 1: The Guest List

    • Strategy 2: The Template is Done

    • Strategy 3: Passing it On

    • Strategy 4: The Meeting-Merger

    • Strategy 5: Bin the Sarnies

    • Strategy 6: Eyes on the Prize

    • Strategy 7: Live Stream

    • Strategy 8: Anytime, Anywhere

    • Strategy 9: Blend it Up

    • Strategy: 10: Outsource Your Training Department

    • Strategy 11: Virtual Reality World

    • The Training Revolution: Why Vocational Training is Changing Forever

    • Strategy 12: Long Term Career Planning & WFPD

  • 04


    • Summary: The Training Cost Saving Checklist

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