Course Description

This in-depth online course is designed to help Course Creators, Edupreneurs, Education and Information-based business owners and training professionals in building a successful education-based business.

If you want to commercialise your expertise by creating education products and services in digital form, face to face, done for you and more - this online course will take you through all of the stages to:

- plan your business model

- plan your products and services offerings

- plan your packages and pricing

- how you will reach your market

and much much more

As a bonus, this course also includes the eCopy of my book 'The Edupreneur's Guide: Commercialise Your Expertise'

This course of over 118 video lectures will take every entrepreneur, whether new or established through the absolute essentials of running and growing a successful business.

I have been in business for over a decade, and in that time I have both failed painfully through making avoidable mistakes due to a simple lack of knowledge, and also seen triumphant successes through implementing the right strategies.

In this course, I have put together everything that wasn't there for me when I first started out.

I have included all of the greatest learning from my formal and informal experiences as a decade-long edupreneur and international education business owner to create 'the course I wish I'd had' when I started  - so that you can take what works for yourself without going through the hard yards like I did.

This course will suit absolute beginners to the business world best, but will also be a highly beneficial refresh, refocus and re-strategise for anyone already in business.

You can find all of the modules and lecture titles in the Course Curriculum over to the left, and if you have any questions about this program please contact Sarah directly on

This course is $497 on its own, or comes included in the Edupreneur's Academy membership for just $47 a month (cancel anytime) subscription.

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  • How To Build a Successful Education-Based Business


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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the Business Development Program

    • Introduction to the course

    • Your Mandatory Pre-Course Self-Evaluation

    • Your Course Schedule & Live Q&A Timetable

    • Meet your Trainer

  • 02

    An Introduction To Strategic Business Development

    • Work ON not IN Your Business

    • Planning Your Multiple Roles

    • The Business Growth Journey

    • What Is Business Development Planning?

    • When To Conduct Business Development Planning

    • The 7 Stages Of Business Development

    • The Bigger Picture Components Of Business Development

    • 4 Ways To Grow Your Business

    • ACTIVITY: 15 Ways To Triple Your Business

  • 03

    Your Business Metrics For Growing Profitability

    • Why Too Many Business Owners Never Achieve Their Dreams

    • The Critical Calculation: Work For Profit Not Wages

    • Knowing This Will Ensure You Meet Your Financial Targets

    • What is Your Customer Lifetime Value?

    • How To Calculate Your Customer LTV

  • 04

    Sales and Marketing Fundamentals

    • The Marketing Cogs

    • What Is A Sales Funnel?

    • Marketing Fundamentals

  • 05

    Branding Fundamentals

    • What Is Branding?

    • The Marketing Marriage

    • What Creates A Brand?

    • Day To Day Branding In Your Business

    • Branding Improvement Tips

  • 06

    Strategic Business Planning For Growth

    • Getting Clear On Where You’re Going

    • De-fogging The Glass

    • ACTIVITY: What are Your Trademarks?

    • ACTIVITY: The Foundations of Your Business

    • Business Goals and Objectives

    • Work Backwards

    • Plan For Success

    • Analyse The Plan

    • Billable vs Admin Hours

    • Testing Out a Goal

    • ACTIVITY: Your 12 Month Productivity Plan

    • KRA’s & KPI’s

  • 07

    Customer Profiling & Defining Your Target Market For Sales Success

    • Customer Wants vs Needs - The Difference That Sells

    • ACTIVITY: Wants and Needs

    • Where To Cast The Net

    • Picking The Right Fruit

    • ACTIVITY: Unpacking Your Customer Profile

    • Deeper Avatar Unpacking

  • 08

    Niching For Growth

    • What Makes A Good Niche?

    • 4 Steps To Niche Within Your Niche For Top Sales

  • 09

    Perfecting Your Product & Service Offerings

    • Make More Sales:The Menu Strategy

    • Maximising Sales With Tiers & Bundles

    • Create Your Packages: Tired Bundle Examples

    • ACTIVITY: Perfecting Your Own Profitable Menu

  • 10

    List Building & Customer Acquisition

    • Understanding Lead Generation

    • Your Businesses’ Most Valuable Asset

    • ACTIVITY: Conduct A List ‘Health Check’

    • How To Attract (Generate) More Customers

    • ACTIVITY: Lead Generation

    • Increasing Customer Acquisition by Understanding the Buyer's Brain

    • Understanding Your Customer Searches To Get More Business (Google Keywords)

  • 11

    Building Your List & A Profitable Community

    • Build More Than Just A List

    • The 5 Main Types Of Community

    • 10 Benefits of Communities

    • 16 Tips on How To Build Your Own Customer Community

    • ACTIVITY: Building Your Community

  • 12

    Growing Your Profits With Email Marketing

    • Building Your Business & Increasing Sales With Email Marketing

    • The MUST KNOW Rules Of Email Marketing

    • Here Is An Email Marketing Campaign Example

    • How To Use An Email Marketing System To Autopilot Your Growth

  • 13

    Developing Work Priorities For Business Success (Increasing Productivity & Automation)

    • Effectiveness vs Efficiency

    • What is Being Proactive

    • Reactivity Vs Proactivity

    • The Question for Staying Focussed

    • Top strategies for improving your efficiency

    • Where are you wasting your time

  • 14

    Using Google to be more productive, automate your tasks and create more time freedom

    • Using the Google platform

    • Talk out your business documents!

    • Sharing and Collaborating on Documents With Others

    • The Hack for Mass Unsubscribing to Junk Mail

    • How To Reply To Your Repetitive Emails With One Click (Canned Responses)

    • Integrating your emails with to-do lists

Get this course for free when you become an 'Edupreneur Academy' member!

  • Edupreneur Academy Membership - with Sarah Cordiner

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  • How To Build a Successful Education-Based Business


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