Course Description

How to break through negative thought patterns and get more positive about your career

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Meet your Trainer - Sarah Cordiner

    • Meet your Trainer - Paul Ames

  • 02

    Breaking Through Mindset

    • What is Mindset?

    • Playing the Game at the Right Level

    • Problem Focus To Solution Focus


  • 03

    Discovering The Origin of Your Mindset

    • Discover your core values - Covey’s Funeral Exercise

    • Outside Influences That Can Crush Our Mindset And Career Success

    • Uncovering your values

    • ACTIVITY: Lifescripts & the ideal self

    • ACTIVITY: Analysing the origins of your life script

    • ACTIVITY: Positive affirmations

    • What is success?

    • ACTIVITY: Conduct a ‘Life Audit’

    • ACTIVITY: Drive ahead steering your wheel of life

  • 04

    Employment Barriers

  • 05

    Creating Change for Desired Results

  • 06

    Taking Back Control

    • A Winning Career Mindset

    • Are You in Control of Your Destiny?

    • The Inevitable Cycles: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    • The Purpose of Our Pain, Problems and Challenges

    • ACTIVITY: What Has Your Life Been Training Your For?

  • 07

    Course Conclusion

    • Contact Sarah

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