How To Succeed in B2B Training and Course Sales

Sell your online courses and in-person training to corporate clients

What you will learn from experienced corporate Executive and Trainer, Sarah Cordiner in this session:

  • The key differences you MUST know about serving B2B and C2C as a business owner and content creator
  • How to find and connect with high-paying corporate clients
  • How to contact and commence a training negotiation with potential corporate clients
  • What you must include in a successful B2B corporate training proposal, and how to put it together
  • How to present B2B training offers that beat accredited training and that are high in demand in corporate business
  • Pricing, packaging and logistically delivering your corporate training using Thinkific

Course curriculum

  • 01

    How To get Corporate Clients To Buy Your Courses and Training

    • Recording of the LIVE Workshop version of this training (June 2022)

    • How To Get Corporate Clients To Buy Your Courses and Training

    • DOWNLOAD: Cost and Budget Sheet

    • DOWNLOAD: Training Proposal Example

    • What's Next?


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