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I often get asked HOW I created a 7 figure business after only 18 months of arriving alone, broke and homeless into a brand new country on the other side of the world.

It wasn't luck. It wasn't any special 'gift'. It wasn't a serendipitous moment of epiphany.

It was adopting some simple strategies and consistently implementing them - and in this course I share some of the easiest, simplest, cheapest (pretty much all free) and most impactful methods I used to quickly establish myself as a well-known leader and influencer in my industry sector.

In this course, I will share with you some of the black and white, fluff-free, immediately implementable methods, tools, hacks and strategies that I used to succeed, that you can start using TODAY to make the exact same happen for you too.

The tools, methods and strategies I will present to you in these 40 'how to' video tutorials are simple, free and applicable to absolutely any industry sector, and whether you're a well established business with a big team or a 'solopreneur' starting a business from your kitchen table.

All up I have been in business for over 10 years in three different countries and I have learned a LOT on the way. I've learned from experiences good and bad, mentors good and bad; I have earned a lot of money and I've lost a lot of money. In this course, I will pass on to you some of the best, most transformative life/business changing methods that have HELPED me make it, so that you can get there the fast way without having to go through all of the lessons that I did to learn it in the first place.

My passions are education and business, and in particular 'entrepreneurial alchemy', aka: making something profitable out of nothing. By putting this course together for you I get to fulfill my own life mission of creating entrepreneurial success stories across the globe as a result of my own spectacular journey in business.

If you want to increase your earnings, get seen, heard and respected in your industry AND finally create for yourself the lifestyle of your dreams as a 'go-to' authority within your field, then this course is absolutely going to change your life, as learning them all has changed mine.

I cannot wait to hear about your journey and success - let's get started!!

Sarah Cordiner X


Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction To The Course

    • Introduction

    • Learning from the 'tried and tested', award-winning Sarah Cordiner

  • 02

    Understanding Authority Positioning

    • What is 'authority positioning' and what will change?

    • What are authority products and why you need them

  • 03

    Hacks For Using Social Media To Grow Your Authority Positioning

    • How To Get More Customers & Fans From Facebook - Without Paying A Thing!

    • How To Grow Your Audience On Twitter & Instagram Using This (free and ea

    • How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement & Post Content on Auto-Pilot

    • How To Build Relationships & Save Time Using This Little Known Facebook Trick

    • How To Dramatically Increase How Much You Get Noticed On Twitter

    • How To Get Seen, Heard, Respected and Followed By Your Target Audience

    • How To Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

    • Use This FREE Tool to find out specific details about who your customers are

  • 04

    How To Get Your Emails Working Harder For Your Authority

    • Automating emails and growing a list

    • How To Instantly ‘LinkedIn Connect’ With Your Email Contacts

    • Making your email signature work for you

    • Understanding Lead Pages, Lead Magnets and Lead Boxes for email list growing

    • Grow Your Email Lists and Followers With This ESSENTIAL Website Plugin

  • 05

    How To Build Your Credibility In Person

    • How To Get More Customers By Getting In front Of Them In Real Life!

    • The power of public speaking

    • How To Get More Paid Public Speaking Gigs

  • 06

    Keeping Organised While You Grow

    • How To Automate Your Bookings and Meetings With Clients

    • How To Get Organised With This Amazing Visual To-Do List

    • How To Put Your Task Management On Auto-Pilot!

  • 07

    Operate like a business without the overheads

    • The biggest mistakes that Sarah made as a result of rapid growth

    • Systematize your business for maximum efficiency

    • How To Hire A Team Of Your Own - Without Having The Budget To Pay Wages

    • Getting on the cloud to have complete operational freedom

  • 08

    How to be the first to know your industry trends

    • How To Find Out What People Are Saying About You On The Internet

    • How to find out what's hot and whats not in your industry

    • How to stay on top of the talking points in your industry

  • 09

    Making money with your expertise

    • How To Sell Your Electronic Documents And IP

    • How to package your products and services

    • How to price your products and services

    • Sell your by-products

    • How to stop trading your time for money (and make money while you sleep)

    • How to commercialise your knowledge by turning whats in your head into products

    • How To Score Massive Government Contracts

  • 10

    Getting seen by the big wide world

    • Blogging and Article Writing

    • TV, Radio and Magazines

    • How To Get free PR, Guest Articles and Published In Books

    • Start your own international TV channel with free live streaming tools

    • BONUS: How To Contact Sarah

    • BONUS: Some great articles to increase your authority positioning

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Sharon Brown

5 star rating

“This course was so full of great tips and ideas that are not complicated. Heaps of information. ”

“This course was so full of great tips and ideas that are not complicated. Heaps of information. ”

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