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This brand new online course is being updated for release in early 2021.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: The Blueprint for Big Profits

    • Welcome to Course

    • The 3 Step Funnel You MUST Build BEFORE You Start Running Paid Ads

    • The ONE Thing You Need For a 7-Figure Business

    • Sarah Cordiner's Online Course & Digital Product Marketing Blueprint

    • How To Reach The Most Amount of People AND Make The Most Amount of Money

    • How To Multiply Your Product Offerings Students & Income - WITHOUT Doing ANY Extra Work

    • Review Your Assets & Prepare For Meeting Your Income Goals

    • DOWNLOAD: Create Your Money-Making Road Map

    • Get Organised For Big Results - Your calendar of events, launches, courses and programs for the next 12 months

    • Quality Sells: Could Your Course Be Better?

    • Use This Technique To Ensure Your Content Is The Best in The Market

    • If You Want To Be A Best-Selling Course, You MUST Do This!

  • 2

    Module 2 - How To Hack Into The Highest Market Demand, Connect With Your Perfect Target Audience, Niching, Become an Expert in one spaceUntitled chapter

    • Should You Target Everyone To Get The Most Sales? or Specialise in a Highly Targeted Niche?

    • Use This Tool To Find Out Everything About Your Current Customers - So That You Can Find More People Like Them

    • How To Make Sure That Your Course is What Your Market are Desperate To Buy and Converts Like Crazy

    • How To Sell More Courses by Creating Content That is in Extremely High Demand

    • The Little Known Facebook Tool That Tells You EVERYTHING About Your Target Customer

    • How To Get Data About Your Competitors ACTUAL Website Visitors To Define & Reach Your Target Market

    • The FREE Chrome Extension Can Help You Transform Your Sales and Search Results Potential

    • Another Handy Chrome Extension That Gives You Must-Know Data for Increasing Your Sales & Search Results

    • The Tool To Find Out What's Working For Your Competitors - And What Keywords To Spend Your Ads Money On

    • Use This Tool To Determine Whether Your Course Has The Potential To Sell Like Crazy - or Not

    • Do This To Get Google To Recommend Your Business

  • 3

    Module 3 - Your Offer Sales Page and Copy: Hacks for Higher Conversions

    • The Structure & Ingredients of a High Converting Sales Page

    • How To Dramatically Increase The Value of Your Offer & Compell Your Prospects To Eagerly Buy

    • How To Create Stunning Visuals of Your Offer To Massively Increase Your Conversions

    • Landing/sales page exmaples

    • Titles and headlines on sales pages

    • How To Easily Build a Beautiful Landing Page - In Thinkific or Wordpress

    • Write Sales Copy That Doesn't Suck

    • A Simple Way To Get More Sales & Collect Leads

    • How To Get Others To Sell It For You

    • Using canva to create sale page imagery / where to get free images

  • 5

    What makes an online course a ‘best seller’?

  • 6

    Tap into 10 MILLION+++ students Using eCourse Marketplaces and *STEAL* Them!

    • The Difference Between a Course Marketplace and a LMS - and why that's important for sales

    • Do This With Your Courses To Take Advantage of the Marketplaces’ Audience

    • A List of Marketplaces To Sell Your Course

    • DISCUSS: Other Online Course Marketplaces or LMS'?

  • 7

    How To Optimise Your Course Sales With Your Words

  • 8

    Start Marketing Before You Start Selling

    • Turn on the taste buds in advance

  • 9

    How To Grow Your Email Database AND Make Sales

    • How To Grow Your Email Database AND Make Sales

    • How To Create a Lead Page - Introduction

    • How To Create a Lead Page Step by Step - Create a REAL Lead Page WITH Me

    • The Ultimate List of 105 Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Your List & Expert Positioning - AND Sell More Courses

    • Installing This Plug-In On Your Website(s) & LMS Will Dramatically Grow Your List

  • 10

    Know Where Your Sales Are Coming From

    • Spend your marketing time and money in the right places

    • Free Custom Linking and Analytics

  • 11

    Course Pricing Promotion Strategies For Maximising Sales

  • 12

    Using Facebook To Sell Your Online Course

    • Free & Continuous Lead Generation & Sales Strategies For Your Course

    • WEBINAR: How To Market, Promote & Sell Your Online Courses Using Facebook & Instagram

  • 13

    A Surprising Course Sales Method

    • The surprisingly FREE and simple way I make 32% of my online course sales

    • Here is an example of my email marketing campaign series

  • 14

    Using Youtube To Promote & Sell Your Courses

    • Make More Sales With These YouTube Marketing Fundamentals

    • Marketing Checklist: 10 Ways To Maximise The Marketing of Every Video Your Create

    • YouTube Subscriber Hack

  • 15

    Using Twitter To Promote & Sell Your Courses

    • How To Use Twitter To Sell More Courses

  • 16

    Using LinkedIn To Promote & Sell Your Courses

    • LinkedIn Methods For Course Sales

  • 17

    Using Public Exposure Opportunities To Promote & Sell Your Courses

    • Getting PR That Will Sell Your Courses

    • How To Gain Credibility AND Sell More Courses Simultaneously

    • Selling To Other People's Markets In A Way That Helps Everyone

    • Podcast Directory List - Start Contacting These Podcasters to Get on Their Show

    • The Modern Way To Growth Hack Your Reputation & Course Sales

    • How to set up a ‘Blab’ to promote your courses

    • How to integrate your Blab into your online school for continuous replay leads

  • 18

    Affiliate Sales & Partnered Promotions

    • Understanding Affiliate Marketing For Course Sales

    • How To Easily Double Your Course Sales With This Easy Strategy!

    • The Best Sites To Recruit Affiliate Sellers of Your Course

    • External Resource: How To Set Up & Sell Your Online Courses From To Affiliate Sites

  • 19

    Where To Sell Your Courses & Post Your Coupons

    • 19 Websites To List/Promote Your Courses To Get Massive Sales

    • MASSIVE List of Websites, Groups & Pages To Post Your Online Course Coupons

    • Webinar Chat: Maximising Course Sales Using Discount & Coupons

    • Course Promotion Websites From The Coupon Webinar

  • 20

    Content Marketing

    • How To Set Up Push Notifications in Your Blog

    • Become a Quoted Expert to Sell More Courses

  • 21

    How I Get Real Reviews - Whilst Promoting My Courses & Increasing Their Sales

    • The Winning Course Review Strategy

  • 22

    Using Your Course To Up-sell Some More

    • Cross Promotions & Up-sells

    • 4 x Other Platforms To Sell Your Courses On

  • 23

    Ordering & Re-ordering Your Content For Optimisation

    • How To Structure Your Lectures For Optimisation

  • 24

    BONUS: What's next?

    • What's Next?