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This is a full, downloadable PDF eCopy of Sarah's ENTIRE 203 page best-selling book:

"Awaken Your Course Creation Mojo: Beat Procrastination and Fire Up Your Course Creation Motivation"

Lost your course creation motivation?

This book addresses the most common motivation killers for the course creator, including:

In this book I address the biggest course creation mojo killers:

  • I Don’t Have the Right Idea Yet!
  • Overcome Self-Doubt and The Inner Impostor
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
  • Healthy Fear, Or Out of Alignment?
  • What To Do If The Worst Happens
  • But My Family, Friends & Dog Say I shouldn’t Do It
  • Dealing With Your ‘Non-Supporters’
  • I’ve Got More Planning & Research To Do First
  • I’m Not Clear On Why I’m Doing This
  • I Can’t Afford To Do It
  • I Don’t Have Enough Time
  • What If Nobody Buys It?
  • What if People Steal or Copy my Ideas or IP?
  • What If My Video’s Are Not ‘Hollywood’ Perfect?
  • What If People Criticise Me or Don’t Like Me?
  • What If There Is Too Much Competition & I Can’t Compete?
  • What If They Think I’m Boring?
  • What If I Have Too Much Content?
  • I’m Overwhelmed By How Much There Is To Do
  • I’m Too Old or Too Young to Teach

The mojo.  

That ‘magic thing’ that puts us into productivity hyperdrive and has us feeling ‘on fire’ when it’s around, yet we miss like a vital bodily organ if it’s not working.

There are many reasons why so many course creators out there haven't started sharing their expertise with the world - or keep retreating back into obscurity each time they peep their toe over the course creation starting line.

It breaks my heart when I think of all of the unfinished courses in the world, all because our inner course creation mojos have taken a hall pass.

Having been the CEO of a curriculum design and training company for well over a decade and created hundreds of courses for my own business and for my customers, I have seen and personally experienced every course creation mojo-killer out there.

In this book I will explore some of the most common course creation stoppers and use this opportunity to remind you of your inner brilliance, share with you my top tips, strategies, advice and pep-talks to coax back that mojo of yours and to get your course creation fire burning bright.  

Beat your procrastination, overcome your fears and just get a friendly kick up the butt to get yourself back on form and feeling more motivated to get your courses out to the world than ever before!

This book is also found as a chapter in one of my other books ‘Entrepreneur to Edupreneur: The 10 Stages To Creating A Wildly Successful Education-Based Business & Online Course’.  But being aware of the fact that it is often not the course creation process, but instead a missing mojo or a little self-doubt that causes many courses to never leave people’s heads; I felt it deserved a title of it’s own.

Are you ready to get your fire started so that your course can finally get out to the world?

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Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

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  • BOOK: Awaken Your Course Creation Motivation


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  • BOOK: Awaken Your Course Creation Motivation


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