Mentoring in the Workplace

Mentoring in the Workplace: The Mentee's Guide

Enjoy Your Mentoring Experience | taught by Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

Course description

This course is to suppport the Mentee in understanding what mentoring is and what to expect from their own mentoring experience.

Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)
Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course
Welcome to the Mentoring in The Workplace Course FREE PREVIEW
Meet your Trainer
Introduce Yourself!
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DOWNLOAD: Mentoring Plan Template
DOWNLOAD: Skills Assessment Matrix
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Introduction To Mentoring
The Difference Between Coaching & Mentoring
DISCUSS: What is The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?
The Aims and Purposes of Mentoring
The Benefits of Workplace Mentoring
Do's & Don'ts with Your Mentor
Confidentiality vs Duty of Care
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Mentoring Preparation: Develop a Mentoring Plan
Your Mentoring Plan and Skills Matrix
DOWNLOAD: Mentoring Plan Template
DOWNLOAD: The Mentoring Self-Assessment Matrix
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Helping Your Mentee Find Their ‘Purpose’ & Get Direction
Helping You Find Your ‘Purpose’ & Get Direction
Where Are You Heading?
What is Your ‘Career Sweet Spot’?
ACTIVITY: Conduct a ‘Life Audit’
The Foundations of Your Career
Further Learning: Finding Your Career Purpose
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What Questions Do You Have About Your Mentoring Process?
Contact Sarah
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