How To Use Google (GSuite) To Get Insanely Organised and Automate Your Business

How To Use Google (GSuite) To Get Insanely Organised and Automate Your Business

Organise your admin, use free apps to automate and get your chaos in order using Google | taught by Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

Course description

I run my entire business with GSuite as the foundation.  

It has allowed crazy levels of automation, organisation, collaboration and importantly, allowed me to run my business from any device, anywhere in the world.

In this course I will take you behind the scenes of my business and lift the curtain on how I have set up my education-based business.  

I will show you inside documents that organise myself and my teams and replace expensive project management software.  You'll see my processes, systems, file naming conventions, the tools and add-ons I use that are freely available with Google and much more.

If you want to get more organised, efficient and untangle the crazy chaotic mess of your online business and ultimately give yourself more time freedom, then this course is for you.

We will cover:

  • Using the Google platform for business productivity and organisation
  • Never type again! How to talk out your business documents
  • How to never have version control issues again
  • How to organise and your whole business IP
  • How to access your whole business documentation on any device
  • How to share, edit and collaborate on live documents with others
  • How To Keep Your Inbox Under Control
  • The hack for unsubscribing to mailing lists
  • Setting up canned and template responses (reply with one button)
  • How To Mass-Mail Personalised Emails From Gmail
  • Integrating your emails with to-do lists
  • How to automatically follow up on customer relations
How to automate your appointment bookings so that you never have to play ‘when shall we meet’ ping-pong again!

Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)
Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

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