How To Effectively Outsource and Hire a Remote or Virtual Team

How To Effectively Outsource and Hire a Remote or Virtual Team

taught by Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

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**Coming in March 2018**


This course is currently only delivered face to face, but is being filmed into an online course over December 2017.  It will be available online in March 2018.

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Ever wished you could clone yourself?

Every time you tick something off of your ‘to-do’ list, 10 more things get added to it!  It would be great to have some more help wouldn’t it?  

But staff are expensive and small business income in today’s economy means that taking on an employee locally is too high risk, or simply impossible financially.  

However, there is a solution.  

There are MILLIONS of professionals, experts and highly talented workers in Australia and beyond that want a job where they can work from home and don’t expect full time, permanent work and all of the other costs that come with employing staff.  

Many are willing to work ‘when required’ for as little as $4 an hour, meaning that you have the potential to ‘clone yourself’ 4 of 5 times for the same price as a traditional employee.  

In this workshop, you will be shown what virtual assistants can do for you, how to find them, how to hire the right ones, how to keep your content and IP safe and secure and build a remote super team.

  • How To Free Up Your Time & Increase Sales By Outsourcing
  • Where To Find and How To Hire A Virtual Assistant Or Outsourcer
  • The Top 20 Tasks A VA Can Do For You
  • Rules With Outsourced Staff
  • How To Create and Manage The Best Instructions, Systems and Processes for Your Virtual Staff and Contractors
  • Costs for Outsourced or VA staff
  • Keeping Your Data and IP Safe

Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)
Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

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