How to Create Your Own Profitable & Engaging Online Courses

How To Create Profitable Online Courses

The step by step guide to creating and publishing your own online course | taught by Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

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**Course content last updated in November 2019**

Sarah Cordiner: "Qualified educator, University Director & Top 50 Must-Follow Female Entrepreneur for 2017", Huffington Post

Create and publish your own online course in this step by step course creation guide.

It’s time to master the art of online course creation and


The online course is now as CRITICAL to the entrepreneur’s and expert’s toolkit,

as websites, blogs and business cards are.

This online course is a highly practical ‘get it done’ online training program for online course creators, hosted by qualified educator and course creation expert Sarah Cordiner:

✔ Design your wildly profitable Edupreneur’s business model and master course pricing

✔ Choose the perfect online course topic for impact and profit

✔ Ensure your course has ravenous market demand

✔ Compose your content, build your structure and assemble the perfect course plan

✔ Create engaging training that inspires, transforms and captivates your audience

✔ Open your own online school and set up your platform for students and sales

✔ Master the basics of filming, editing and technology of your online course

In this course, you will be taken through the stages of designing and building your own profitable online course, so that you can raise yourself above the crowd in your industry, show your expertise in it's best light, earn a passive income, help more people and generate leads and sales for your business on a whole other level!


In this course, you will learn the steps to turn your knowledge, skills, experience and expertise into a profitable training course or learning product that you can use as an income stream in its own right, as a PAID lead capturing magnet for your primary products and services, and definitely as a tool to contribute to the body of knowledge in your industry and for helping others grow.

You will learn how to get all of your knowledge, expertise and experience out of your head and organise it in a logical, educationally progressive and structured manner that meets the fundamental principles of adult learning, so that you are designing a course for the best student experience.


Sarah is going to take you through a tonne of practical strategies to:

  • Become an independent online course creator with all the know-how you need to confidently and competently create engaging and profitable online courses
  • Ensure that your online courses are designed not JUST to make a positive impact in the world, but also to grow your global exposure and your bottom line by designing a detailed business model to maximise the commercial value of your expertise
  • Create your complete online course plan following Sarah’s simple course creation steps
  • Ensure your course idea has a market of buyers using Sarah’s easy market test methods
  • Finally get all of your expertise out of your head with Sarah’s quick ‘content extraction’ strategies
  • Organise your research, knowledge and content into a clear and concise course plan, without the overwhelm
  • Finalise your module layout and delivery methods so that your course shows your expertise in it’s best light and gives your learners a great experience
  • Create a course that your learners will love so that they recommend it to others and are eager to buy your future courses
  • Set up your own online school ready for your course to start making it’s first sales
  • Navigate your online school so that you can confidently manage, edit and create new courses in the future
  • Create your essential online course sales and marketing plan to ensure that you make the lifetime passive income you deserve
  • Master the basic essentials of course creation technology so that you can confidently film and edit your online courses for the rest of time

There quite simply has never ever been an opportunity like this to create and build your online course.

To ensure that this is a truly personal and transformational experience, every module that is delivered to you each week comes with LIFETIME access to all of the course tutorial videos, templates and downloads!


How long have you been wanting to create your own online course? - A few weeks, months, YEARS?

How much longer are you going to let your dream pass you by? - Long enough for regret to take over? Long enough for your COMPETITORS to take over?

Don’t let this be one of your life’s regrets - your audience deserve the information that’s locked up in your head and they are ready and willing to pay you for it!

It’s going to be impossible to let your course go ‘uncreated’ for another day longer for those on the ‘Online Course Creation Bootcamp’.

Sarah will be arming you with all of the tools, knowledge and skills that you’ll ever need to be the master of your own online course business for the rest of time during this two day workshop.

She is going to walk you through the whole process step by step, holding your hand along the way.

Some things that you get inside this course....

  • What you must know before choosing an online learning platform
  • The top 41 questions you should ask your LMS provider before choosing an online learning platform (Free Download)
  • The principles of 'Edupreneurship' and how and why educating your market has many benefits to your business, exposure, authority positioning, industry credibility, reputation, industry contribution and your income
  • What different types of information and educational products you can create
  • How to choose your profitable course topic
  • The fundamental principles of adult learning so that you can ensure your course is engaging and transformational for the adult learner
  • How to ensure your course meets different learning styles, modes and preferences so that everyone enjoys your course
  • How much money you could be making from being an 'EDUpreneur' (profitably educating your marketplace)
  • What your online or offline course sales funnel could look like
  • How to 'package' your educational products and services from a pricing point of view, to offer greater value and make more sales by having a wider range of options
  • How to price your courses
  • How to design courses that transform your students lives
  • How to ensure your course has 'product to market fit' (ie, people that want to buy it)
  • What the essential pre-assessment and research steps are before you start developing your course
  • Where and how to conduct your market research to ensure you build the perfect course
  • How to structure, organise and layout your course content
  • How to create compelling and magnetic learning outcomes that reflect the true value of your course and attract all your perfect students
  • The 8 steps for creating and ordering the perfect course content that will have the greatest positive impact on your students learning experience
  • Making your course look professional
  • What equipment, filming gear and editing software you need to create professional looking online courses yourself
  • Filming and film editing tips

...........and much much more (see the course outline for more)

This is taught by an 11 year experienced, postgraduate qualified education professional who is the CEO of an international, 7-figure education business. The methods presented are tried and tested and are sure to provide you with the fundamental skills for building your course. If you're not satisfied within 30 days of purchasing this course, Sarah will give you a full refund - that's how confident we are that you'll love it.

This course will help you to:

  • Create a passive income by profitably sharing your expertise with your marketplace
  • Scale and automate your business by turning your knowledge and services into profitable learning products
  • Get your leads and prospects to pay YOU in a way that makes them THANK you for it!
  • Get paid to demonstrate your capability, knowledge and expertise to your audience
  • Design and construct a curriculum and course plan to show your expertise at it's best
  • Grow your business and increase sales through your wider products and services using the platform of education - what I call 'Edupreneurship'
  • Create a profitable learning product or program such as an online course, webinar, workshop or training course
  • Create training that is engaging, impactful and transformational so that your audience come back for more
  • Ensure a positive learning experience whilst also increasing your exposure, leads, sales and authority positioning
  • You will complete your training course step by step as you progress through this course
  • Use your completed learning product or program as an income stream in it's own right, or as a lead capturing magnet for your primary business activities

You will be provided with over 60 tutorial videos that will ensure your entire curriculum plan and content is placed out in a way that is engaging and meets adult learning principles and mixed learning styles - as well as earns you money from an 'edupreneurial' perspective.

This is a highly practical workshop-style course where you will actually COMPLETE your own saleable and profitable training course by the end.

You will need butchers paper (or a wall!), lots of coloured post-it notes and the will to work hard to complete your own training product.

Who should take this course?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to start doing business the modern way - getting PAID by your leads in a way that makes them thank you!

  • Thought leaders, entrepreneurs, speakers, experts and businesses who have a message or expertise to pass onto their audience will benefit from completing this course

  • If you want to generate leads, exposure, sales, make an impact to your audience and position yourself as an authority in your field by having your own authority training course, then this is for you

  • Anyone who wants to start getting paid for their content and expertise instead of giving it away for free all of the time

  • Anyone who wishes to grow their business

  • Anyone who wants to scale and automate their business by turning their knowledge and services into online learning products

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to design and create engaging and impactful adult training

No more procrastinating! People NEED your knowledge AND they want to pay you for it! What are you waiting for?! Let me hold your hand, put the fire under your butt and get it happening!


I remember when my first online course was just a dream.

How excited I was at the possibilities it would bring me for passive income, for scaling my business without having to do more work, for reaching thousands, even millions of people across the globe, without even have to leave my office.

But I also remember the feeling of complete overwhelm.

I remember thinking ‘jeeeeez, I have SO much to learn’.

I had SO much training content from years of working in my field, and I was like a deer in headlights trying to decide where on earth I was going to begin in transforming it into an online equivalent.

There were so many online learning platforms to choose from, so many features to understand, so many ways that I could package and deliver my online content - I didn’t know whether I should film ‘talking head videos’ (or how to do that), I didn’t know how to price my online course and in fact, I didn’t know a LOT.

But I immersed myself in the online learning world and eventually got my first course up. It immediately went to best-seller ranking out of over 30,000 courses and remained there for more than 6 months.

My second online course had exactly the same success.

I now have over 40 online courses of my own and have created hundreds for other people. I have made 6 figures in online course sales alone in the last 12 months, and that's not including the income I’ve made off of the back of my online courses in consulting, one-on-one coaching, public speaking, book sales and ‘do it for you’ services.


The first step is getting that online course completed and out to the world to make it happen.

To add to that, more than 95% of my total turnover this year came from overseas as a result of my online courses - that is a 1,900% increase in revenue compared to when I was only delivering face to face training - income that I would NOT have otherwise had if I didn’t have my courses online.

How much more (passive) income would your business be earning if you increased your revenue by 1,900% too???

I am proof that all of this is possible with online courses - and you're just a bootcamp away from learning how to build an online course business of your own.

This increased market share has grown my network, MY NET WORTH, my community and importantly how many people I can help - whilst actually doing less work.

So I get it, I’ve been there, I know how overwhelming this can all feel.

But, you are very capable of learning and you will totally kick yourself for not starting sooner when I give you the steps to make it happen and show you just how easy it is.

I will be there with you every step of the way to provide you with the course creation skills and knowledge you need to be an independent and competent online course creator FOREVER.

Just imagine increasing your revenue by 1,900% like I have by turning your knowledge into online courses!!

How much are you missing out on by not having your online course together yet?

How much longer are you going to wait before you get it done?

From concept planning right the way through to having a fully functioning online school, this course has every step you need to finally get YOUR online course completed, live and making you sales!

What are you waiting for? Your competitor to do it......???

As well as my personal support, there are already hundreds of people inside the course platform who you can talk to and share your journey with, so you won't be alone as you go through each step and build out your course together.



This course is usually $297 to purchase outright, however it is currently on a special offer of just $10 per month - cancel ANYTIME - subscription. Meaning that you could pay $10, you get FULL access to ALL of the training content immediately, you can then watch the whole course in one sitting and cancel your subscription immediately.

Please make sure you watch the whole course before cancelling though, as your access is revoked as soon as you cancel.


Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)
Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

If you have any questions about this book, contact me on / Entrepreneur to EDUpreneur Facebook Group

Sarah Cordiner:

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Course
Course Overview FREE PREVIEW
Course Introduction FREE PREVIEW
Join the Facebook Group: Entrepreneur to EDUpreneur FREE PREVIEW
Introduce Yourself To The Group (Promote Yourself!)
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Overview of Module 1
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1.1: Introduction To Edupreneurship
What is 'Edupreneurship'? FREE PREVIEW
Why the 'Edupreneur' is the new Entrepreneur FREE PREVIEW
The benefits of Edupreneurship FREE PREVIEW
What learning products and programs can I create & sell?
So why isn't everyone doing it? FREE PREVIEW
You DO have a valuable message and you're sitting on a gold mine FREE PREVIEW
It's OK If You Don't Know What To Teach Yet FREE PREVIEW
ACTIVITY: Finding Your Why
ACTIVITY: Finding Your 'Why' Questions
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1.2: How To Pick Your Topic For Your Online Course
How To Decide What To Teach A Course On (Finding an idea or testing your idea)
WORKSHEET: Choosing Your Course Idea Cheat Sheet
Committing On Your Course Topic For This Project
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1.3: How To Check Your Online Course Idea Has Market Demand
The importance of pre-assessment and what research you must complete first FREE PREVIEW
The vital pieces of research you must conduct before starting
How To Find Out What Topics To Include In Your Course
How To Complete Research Step 1
PRACTICAL: Research Step 1
PRACTICAL: What Your Market Want To Buy
PRACTICAL: How To Niche Your Course To Increase Market Demand
Conducting pre-assessment with surveys
The Best (FREE) Survey & Data Collection Tool
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1.4: Getting Your Course Title Right
7 Awesome Online Title Generator Tools To Come Up With a Compelling Course Title
How To Title Your Course, Modules & Lessons
ACTIVITY: Your Course Title
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1.5: Making Money With Your Training Course
How much money could I be making from courses and training?
What is a sales funnel and how will yours look?
How to package your learning products and programs
High Price or Low Price? How To Price Your Course FREE PREVIEW
Pricing Your Course - Average Course Category Pricing (Udemy)
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2.1: How To Choose What Content To Teach In Your Course
Where To Start To Avoid The Overwhelm
EXAMPLE Mind Map - Planning Your Course Elements
WORKSHEET: Mind Map - Planning Your Course Elements
PRACTICAL: Choosing Your Content - What You Know
Research Prep: Your Course Keywords
PRACTICAL: Choosing Your Course Content - Method 1
PRACTICAL: Choosing Your Course Content - Method 2
PRACTICAL: Choosing Your Course Content - Method 3
YAY!! Now You Have ALL Of Your Course Content Planned!!
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2.2: Organise and Structure Your Course Content
Pulling it all out of your head and organising it into something logical
Sarah's 'Powerpoint Method'
A Powerpoint Template (Google Slides)
How To Structure Your Lectures Within Each Module
DOWNLOAD - Lesson Plan Template
How Long Should Your eCourse Be?
How Long Should Your Online Course Videos Be?
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2.3: Put Your Content Into This Course Plan Outline Template
How To Use Your Course Outline Template To Build Your Course
TEMPLATE: Your Course Plan Template
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2.4: Create Your Magnetic And Compelling Learning Outcomes
The Difference Between Program Aims & Objectives
PRACTICAL: Your Course Aims & Objectives
Learning Outcomes - What's The Point?
How To Create Your Learning Outcomes
PRACTICAL: Forming Your Key Program Outcomes
PRACTICAL: Constructing Your Modular Learning Outcomes
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2.5: Enhancing Your Content For Student Engagement
Intro: The 8 steps to planning your course content FREE PREVIEW
Step 1: Personal / Personable Hook
Step 2: Solution
Step 3: Theory & statistics
Step 4: Unique / Contextualised Perspective
Step 5: Wow-Bomb-How-Bomb
Step 6: Persuasion & relevance reinforcement
Step 7: Practical implementation
Step 8: Call to action
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2.6: Increasing Learner Engagement: The Fundamental Principles Of Adult Learning
Adults learn differently to children (Andragogy vs Pedagogy) FREE PREVIEW
Principle 1: Self-Directing
Principle 2: Relevance
Principle 3: Learn by doing
Principle 4: Experience
Principle 5: All of the senses
Principle 6: Practice
Principle 7: Personal Development
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2.7: Increasing Learner Engagement: Understanding Adult Learning Styles
Getting your eyes, ears and hands around making your training work
14 Ways To Engage The Auditory Learner in Your Courses
12 Ways To Engage The Visual Learner in Your Courses
21 Ways To Engage The Kinaesthetic Learner in Your Course
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What You Need To Know About Online Course Platforms - And Which Ones To Choose
The Difference Between An Online Course Marketplace & An Online Course LMS (and which you should be using)
What To Consider When Choosing an Online Learning Platform or LMS to Host Your Courses FREE PREVIEW
Things To Think About When Choosing An LMS
41 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Online Learning Platform - Download
Which Platforms Do I Use?
How To Set Up, Create & Sell Your Vourse in Thinkfiic - with the CEO Greg Smith
ACTIVITY: Choosing Your Platform(s)
Hosting Your Own Online School in Wordpress
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Course creation Technology, Equipment & Software
The Different Content Delivery Methods & Utilising the Delivery Features of Your Online School
What Technology Do You Need To Create Quality Online Courses?
Creating Presentation Slides
How you can create professional looking videos yourself
How To Create a Talking Head Video by Removing a Green Screen Background FREE PREVIEW
How To Remove A Green Screen & Replace With Your PowerPoint Slides - Demo 2 FREE PREVIEW
What Equipment Do I Use?
Take a Peek Into My Course Filming Studio - I'll Show You My Filming Equipment
Bulk Uploading Your Videos
Add Some Music To Your Videos!
Simple Promo Video Script
Camtasia AVHCD or MTS File to MP4 Conversion
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Setting Up Your Online School - The Quick Start Basics
List of Course Creation Technology & Equipment You Need + How It Fits Together
How To Set-Up Your Online School in 1 Hour (step by step guided walk through)
Quick Start Checklist: Set Up Your Online School + Email Swipe Copy for Site Welcome Email
How to add a new course to your online school FREE PREVIEW
How to add modules and lectures to your course FREE PREVIEW
How to bulk your videos and training content to your school FREE PREVIEW
How to add quizzes to your course FREE PREVIEW
How to add your SEO keywords so that your course is found in Google search results FREE PREVIEW
How to set your course to public, private or hidden FREE PREVIEW
How to set up your course content to ‘drip release’ the content to your students in bits FREE PREVIEW
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Congratulations on completing! Here's the next course you might like to take:
Join my "Course Creation Group Coaching Program"
Learn How to market, promote and sell your training course FREE PREVIEW
How To Market, Promote and Sell Your Online Course
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Other Services and How To Contact Sarah
Get Your Entire Course Created, Filmed and Online School Built in The Course Creation Bootcamp
Want me to create your courses for you? Join me for a 1 day Course Creation Set-Up session, or just hand it over to me to do it for you! FREE PREVIEW
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Reviews (24)

Create Profitable Online Courses

by Deanna Ward
Excellent course. Very practical and hands on with all the hints and tips to get going. Found all the information that I needed to set up my studio. As a qualified trainer and assessor I also found the framework a great refresher on how to design learning outcomes to meet and exceed your learners' expectations and jammed packed with really great ideas and ways to create really fantastic courses. Would highly recommend for all levels of expertise.

Course Evaluation

by Missi Young
This course was excellent. It was professionally presented with understandable and useful information. I thank Thinkific for offering this training and I will use what I have learned as I move forward in setting up my online training course. Going through this training course is a big must if you want your online training course to be successful.

Throughout and helpful

by Linda Clement
I find this course to be extremely thorough and helpful in the process of creating a course of my own. It has added a number of tasks to my list To Do that I wasn't previously aware of, and some of the exercises have dramatically altered the direction I am going... I hope to be able to create a profitable online course as a result.
Read more

Create Profitable Online Courses

by Deanna Ward
Excellent course. Very practical and hands on with all the hints and tips to get going. Found all the information that I needed to set up my studio. As a qualified trainer and assessor I also found the framework a great refresher on how to design learning outcomes to meet and exceed your learners' expectations and jammed packed with really great ideas and ways to create really fantastic courses. Would highly recommend for all levels of expertise.

Course Evaluation

by Missi Young
This course was excellent. It was professionally presented with understandable and useful information. I thank Thinkific for offering this training and I will use what I have learned as I move forward in setting up my online training course. Going through this training course is a big must if you want your online training course to be successful.

Throughout and helpful

by Linda Clement
I find this course to be extremely thorough and helpful in the process of creating a course of my own. It has added a number of tasks to my list To Do that I wasn't previously aware of, and some of the exercises have dramatically altered the direction I am going... I hope to be able to create a profitable online course as a result.

A must!

by J. R. Robinson
I love Sarah's ability of putting all the pieces together to create a fantastic path in which to implement her tools, with the end result being your own amazing course! For those who are on the fence, give it a try - you have nothing to lose and so much information to win!

Sarah Cordiner is Amazing!

by Peter Lowen
Sarah is very knowledgeable & provides amazing amount of content and value. Highly recommended if you're serious about building an online course.

Great Course!

by Diogo Ribeiro
The content is very well structured and the course delivers just what it promises.

by Vahid N.

Loved this course

by Susan Kuz
This course has so much to offer those of us new to creating online courses. Content that covers so many areas and leaves me feeling equipped to create my first course. I don't think of myself as technically savvy and this step by step method breaks it down into manageable chunks so it feels doable and less daunting. It's also interesting to watch and is set up so I can leave it and return later to do more. I'm looking forward to creating my first of many courses and learning more from Sarah. Thank you!

Lots of valuable information

by Lee Guthrie
Great course. I am totally new to this idea of creating online education and this was very helpful. I look forward to learning more from Sarah in the future.


by Patty Olinger
I'm not sure where to begin in rating this course. There is alot in it than just creating a profitable online course. Creating content, learning styles of learners, etc. I've been training for over 20 years in my niche. Mostly stand-up. I get good ratings on my training style and content. I truly believe I would get amazing ratings if I would have had the opportunity to take Sarah's course years ago. As I move my content into an online formate, I am very glad that I took the time to go through her entire course. If for yourself or your team, if for online or just how to develop training materials. This is a great course and I highly recommend it.

This Course is a Must for Anyone Wanting to Create an Online Training Program

by Michael Simpkins
Sarah does a really good job explaining in detail everything you need to get your course up and online.

Complete, clear, engaging!

by Luigi Notaro
This is a full coverage of the course creation process, from start to finish - literally! I was particularly interested into the outline development but there's so much more here: from theory (like the great section about Andragogy) to practice (so much practice!) there is tons of material to digest. Really valuable, especially thanks to the actionable content - and btw, I love the sticky notes color code!

Mahalo from Hawaii

by Danielle Mizuta
Mahalo Sarah for this very comprehensive course! I feel so much better prepared to create and teach my course on Differentiation strategies to High School teachers for students with disabilities. Each section was easy to digest, kept my attention and had the information I need as an adult learner. I appreciate how you modeled the entire lesson according to how we can create our courses so we could go through the experience as well. It was effective and engaging. I'm so glad I invested in myself to learn the strategies needed to create and teach an effective and meaningful online course. Danielle Mizuta

Superb course

by Lorraine Hunt
Having struggled trying to put something together for months, taking this course has enabled me to pull all of my areas into a working, structured plan. Great content, great inspiration, thank you Sarah!

One smart lady

by David Duty
I've been teaching people to trade for over 20 years. Only recently have I come to the conclusion that the future of education is online, not books and seminars. I'm trying to prove that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks and I feel that Sarah has certainly gotten me off to the right track. I've done my first course at Not trying to sell anything to anyone. I would however appreciate some comments good or bad on how I'm doing on my first effort here. David Duty Common Sense Commodities

by Chiara Hesry

Excellent value with a very dedicated instructor

by Vanessa G. Oltmann
Sarah Cordiner has a wealth of information about brainstorming course ideas, testing out markets, curriculum building, course development, and marketing. Sarah is a dedicated instructor and this course is excellent value! Highly recommended for online course creators who are anywhere in the development phase.

Excellent, robust training

by Susyn Stecchi
I am just starting to dip my tootsies into the waters of Edupreneurship, with the developing of my first online training course, and Sarah's "Create Profitable Online Courses" has really set my brain cells percolating and coming up with exciting ideas on how to proceed and the other income producing paths I can take with my course(s). Thank you, Sarah -- this course is great! I hope to become an Edupreneur name, too, in my field within 6 months!

Thorough and Thoughtful

by Karen Shopoff Rooff
The course is an outstanding overview of everything needed to map out and deliver an online course. I have a million course ideas but have been stalled out for several years because I didn't know just how to deliver them. Sarah is thorough, mixing the right balance of general overview and detailed action steps to get me moving forward.


by Edward Riddick
Sarah's course was fantastic. She is clearly an expert in the field of adult learning and demonstrated this throughout. I've been a student of online course and webinar creation for 5 months. Honestly, Sarah's course is the best, most helpful course I've taken. Sincerely, Ed Riddick, CAMS-2, M.D.R., MA, ThM Celebrate Marriage LLC

Great Information

by Tom Mills
Thank you for all the great tips and tactics!

Absolutely Fantastic

by Michael Balof
Having earned an Master of Education, I learned distance education. Sarah took the theories and made them become relevant to reaching out and touching people. With the skills I learned in this course, I am starting to build and sell my own courses in critical thinking and continuous improvement.

by Tanel Jappinen

Awesome and very useful course and information!

by Chico Evans
I truly loved her way of explaining and simplifying what seemed to be difficult concepts! I hope to learn more from her rare trainings! :)