How to Create Your Own Profitable & Engaging Online Courses

How To Create Profitable Online Courses

The step by step guide to creating and publishing your own online course | taught by Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)
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Denise Smith


Detailed and easy to follow and encouraging ..

Isra Abdul Razack

Feeling Grateful to takeup this course

Power Content

Barbara Edwards DipRIAM

FULL of detail

Nothing is left untouched. Sarah answers all the questions you didn't even know you had!! Excellent.

Denise Smith

Detailed and easy to follow and encouraging ..

Isra Abdul Razack

Power Content

Barbara Edwards DipRIAM

Nothing is left untouched. Sarah answers all the questions you didn't even know you had!! Excellent.

Nicky Pasquier, BA (Hons)

I came to Sarah's course with a head full of ideas and absolutely no idea how to organise and structure a course. I felt completely overwhelmed and didn't know how to move forward. Already having completed the first Module I have a much bett...

Sally Preston

Karla Marie

Holy moly! excellent training Sarah, I previously thought I was going straight to my flagship course, as that's what I teach live. BUT I now see the power in creating the lead magnet AND kick-starter courses to gain traction. Thank you so much, l...

Nancy Thomas-Ward


Geri Gotova

Kevin Adair

I found this course a good place to start. Up until I did the course, I had little or no knowledge on how to go about creating an online course. Sarah freely shares from her experience as an online course creator and provides examples which are ...

helia singh

This is the first online course with Sarah and I have been following her blog and Facebook page for a while. The tips she shares for free are so valuable.... She is a genuine Entrepreneur. I recommend her course to everyone who is in education ev...

Nadine Schelenz

For me, it took too much time to follow through the course. I expected a more simplier method.

Deanna Ward

Excellent course. Very practical and hands on with all the hints and tips to get going. Found all the information that I needed to set up my studio. As a qualified trainer and assessor I also found the framework a great refresher on how to desig...

Missi Young

This course was excellent. It was professionally presented with understandable and useful information. I thank Thinkific for offering this training and I will use what I have learned as I move forward in setting up my online training course. Going...

Linda Clement

I find this course to be extremely thorough and helpful in the process of creating a course of my own. It has added a number of tasks to my list To Do that I wasn't previously aware of, and some of the exercises have dramatically altered the direc...

J. R. Robinson

I love Sarah's ability of putting all the pieces together to create a fantastic path in which to implement her tools, with the end result being your own amazing course! For those who are on the fence, give it a try - you have nothing to lose and s...

Peter Lowen

Sarah is very knowledgeable & provides amazing amount of content and value. Highly recommended if you're serious about building an online course.

Diogo Ribeiro

The content is very well structured and the course delivers just what it promises.

Vahid N.

Susan Kuz

This course has so much to offer those of us new to creating online courses. Content that covers so many areas and leaves me feeling equipped to create my first course. I don't think of myself as technically savvy and this step by step method brea...

Lee Guthrie

Great course. I am totally new to this idea of creating online education and this was very helpful. I look forward to learning more from Sarah in the future.

Patty Olinger

I'm not sure where to begin in rating this course. There is alot in it than just creating a profitable online course. Creating content, learning styles of learners, etc. I've been training for over 20 years in my niche. Mostly stand-up. I get...

Michael Simpkins

Sarah does a really good job explaining in detail everything you need to get your course up and online.

Luigi Notaro

This is a full coverage of the course creation process, from start to finish - literally! I was particularly interested into the outline development but there's so much more here: from theory (like the great section about Andragogy) to practice (s...

Danielle Mizuta

Mahalo Sarah for this very comprehensive course! I feel so much better prepared to create and teach my course on Differentiation strategies to High School teachers for students with disabilities. Each section was easy to digest, kept my attention ...

Lorraine Hunt

Having struggled trying to put something together for months, taking this course has enabled me to pull all of my areas into a working, structured plan. Great content, great inspiration, thank you Sarah!

David Duty

I've been teaching people to trade for over 20 years. Only recently have I come to the conclusion that the future of education is online, not books and seminars. I'm trying to prove that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks and I feel that ...

Chiara Hesry

Vanessa G. Oltmann

Sarah Cordiner has a wealth of information about brainstorming course ideas, testing out markets, curriculum building, course development, and marketing. Sarah is a dedicated instructor and this course is excellent value! Highly recommended for on...

Susyn Stecchi

I am just starting to dip my tootsies into the waters of Edupreneurship, with the developing of my first online training course, and Sarah's "Create Profitable Online Courses" has really set my brain cells percolating and coming up with exciting i...

Karen Shopoff Rooff

The course is an outstanding overview of everything needed to map out and deliver an online course. I have a million course ideas but have been stalled out for several years because I didn't know just how to deliver them. Sarah is thorough, mixi...

Edward Riddick

Sarah's course was fantastic. She is clearly an expert in the field of adult learning and demonstrated this throughout. I've been a student of online course and webinar creation for 5 months. Honestly, Sarah's course is the best, most helpful c...

Tom Mills

Thank you for all the great tips and tactics!

Michael Balof

Having earned an Master of Education, I learned distance education. Sarah took the theories and made them become relevant to reaching out and touching people. With the skills I learned in this course, I am starting to build and sell my own cours...

Tanel Jappinen

Chico Evans

I truly loved her way of explaining and simplifying what seemed to be difficult concepts! I hope to learn more from her rare trainings! :)

Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)
Sarah Cordiner (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)

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**Course content last updated in March 2020**

Sarah Cordiner: "Qualified educator, ex-University Director & Top 50 Must-Follow Female Entrepreneur for 2017", Huffington Post

Create and publish your own online course in this step by step course creation guide.



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2.5: Course Content Market Testing - Make Sure Your Learners Will LOVE Your Course