BOOK: The Theory and Principles of Creating Effective Training Courses

BOOK: The Theory and Principles of Creating Effective Training Courses

Full, downloadable PDF eCopy of the book | taught by Sarah Cordiner

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This is the FULL, downloadable PDF eCopy of Sarah's best-selling 317 page book:

"The Theory and Principle of Creating Effective Training Courses: What To Do Before Creating Your Course"

It is no secret that the online learning industry is booming. But with a mass influx of course creators and marketers jumping into the ‘educational gold rush’ to make money, the critical components of developing quality and effective training are being lost.

Anyone can create and sell online courses to a global marketplace today, at minimal expense and from their own spare rooms – which is a great thing for everyone. 

However, if you aspire to create transformational online or face to face training programs that engage and enrich your learners; it is vital that you design and develop your programs with the fundamental theory and principles of adult learning and course creation in mind. 

Training that does not satisfy your learners, or follow quality educational practices, will attract negative reviews, a bad reputation and refund requests – something that no course creator or ‘edupreneur’ wants to face.
With the learning industry becoming a rapidly more competitive field, survival in this lucrative market is about creating remarkable training that has the learner experience at its core.

This book has been especially designed by multiple-award winning, qualified education professional, Sarah Cordiner for the modern day, quality-conscious course creator, edupreneur and training manager who cares about their learner experience. It is for those who want to plan, prepare and deliver transformational training that changes the lives of those that they teach.

By presenting timeless theories, principles, frameworks, processes and practices for designing, developing and delivering highly effective training programs, this book will help you create learning that will positively impact your learners - and your business.

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