How to Become a Key Influencer in Your Industry

How to Become a Key Influencer in Your Industry - With Information Products & Online Courses

Learn how you can increase your authority positioning and create passive income by creating your own information products | taught by Sarah Cordiner
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This recorded workshop is a video recording of a presentation delivered by Sarah Cordiner at "The Communication for Influence" Conference in Mumbai, India in 2015.

In this 50 minute presentation, Sarah will take you through the top strategies that you can use to increase your audience awareness of you and your expertise, help more people with your knowledge and create a profitable business (including a passive income) by turning your knowledge into information products and online courses.

If you like this presentation, you may wish to take Sarah's course "How to Become the Go-To Authority in Your Industry", or the full "Entrepreneurs Business Development Course" which you can find on the main courses page:

Do feel free to join Sarah's facebook group for entrepreneurs "That's Business" or her facebook group for entrepreneurs who specifically are interested in creating and selling courses, training and information products "Entrepreneur to EDUpreneur"

Sarah Cordiner
Sarah Cordiner
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How To Become a Key Influencer in Your Industry - Full Workshop Video
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